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  1. Nikhil's Metopic Story

    Nikhil was diagnosed with metopic and underwent surgery when he was a year old. He is 2 now and doing well. Theres still some uncertainty down the road but for now he is doing great. You can read about his journey on my blog-
  2. Forehead bossing?

    So yeah, it's rounder than most.. but that roundness makes the PERFECT spot to kiss right above the bridge of his nose, a spot made just for mommy kisses in the middle of the night. Do you know the spot I'm writing about??
    It just cups your kiss and is his favorite cuddle spot, and I mean FAVORITE. When he's all wound up, I nuzzle there and he just quiets right down, like I've fixed whatever's wrong in the world..
    A spot that I will miss with all my heart if my Zachary needs this surgery. ...
  3. Buckling Up

    8 weeks ago I gave birth to my last baby. I pushed 3 times and on that last push, after a 16 hour labor, my Zachary Bennett was born. His was a 38 week gestation after bedrest from 32 weeks- my little man wanted to see the world much too early. I should have known then that this experience would be so different from my first two babies.

    Zachary was 8 lbs 15 oz of beautiful baby boy! He was slow to cry and needed to be coaxed to breathe but as soon as he did, he perked right up. I swear, ...
  4. Made my mind up :)

    After 22 long months of researching, getting others opinions, praying, hoping, and wishing, looking for answers, thinking of every question I could possible ask, stressing, crying, lots of appointments, etc... I finally made my mind up! Today was the appointment for me to make a decision on if I wanted to correct my baby boys craniosynotosis, because his diagnosis is mild metopic the surgery would only be to correct his apperance.. After finally getting all the answers that I needed I have come ...
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  5. My team..

    Waiting for my two Grandmothers to arrive at the greyhound station. One who is a teacher, and the other who is a teacher, as well as a doctor, the twins God father who is a hey will in health science, th another Grandmother & Grandfather who is a bishop, and pastor, and the list goes on.... They will all be coming with me to an appointment I made at Children's Hospital February 5th, about Isaiahs craniosynotoesis. The last time I went to see the neuroseurgon, and her team they werent making ...
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