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  1. Made my mind up :)

    After 22 long months of researching, getting others opinions, praying, hoping, and wishing, looking for answers, thinking of every question I could possible ask, stressing, crying, lots of appointments, etc... I finally made my mind up! Today was the appointment for me to make a decision on if I wanted to correct my baby boys craniosynotosis, because his diagnosis is mild metopic the surgery would only be to correct his apperance.. After finally getting all the answers that I needed I have come ...
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  2. My team..

    Waiting for my two Grandmothers to arrive at the greyhound station. One who is a teacher, and the other who is a teacher, as well as a doctor, the twins God father who is a hey will in health science, th another Grandmother & Grandfather who is a bishop, and pastor, and the list goes on.... They will all be coming with me to an appointment I made at Children's Hospital February 5th, about Isaiahs craniosynotoesis. The last time I went to see the neuroseurgon, and her team they werent making ...
  3. Twin mommy nightmare!

    April 5th 2012 the best birthday gift, and the happiest day my life...The day I gave birth to identical twin boys. Besides the fact that I had an early ceserian at 34 weeks, they were healthy, and beautiful as ever. Isaiah my first born coming into the world at 21:03 weighing 3 pounds 5 ounces & Isreal my second born at 21:03 as well weighing 5 pounds, 1ounce. Both my boys were head down, and ready for take off, but due to the fact that my baby Isaiah heart rate was shooting up, and down we ...

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  4. Sweet Adeline Cecilia

    Today is a great day! It marks the 2nd Cranioversary of Adeline's 2nd Cranial Vault Reconstruction. I hadn't written in Adeline's blog for 2 years. At first I felt bad that I hadn't, but now I realize it's just proof that we have beat this thing!!!
    I'm not sure what the rules are on here - I haven't posted since the forum threads were disabled. But it's easiest for me to paste a link to my personal blog about Adeline's Cranio Journey. ...
  5. Late nights for a Metopic Mommy

    How should I begin? This website and all that have contributed to it has given me such comfort from the very day that I discovered that my son suffered from Metopic Cranio and Trigon. I've spent many late nights reading these stories and trying to gather as much information as possible so I could figure out how to move forward in the best possible way for the sake of my son. After months of worry and anxiety, endless doctors appointments spanning from the East to the West Coast, extensive research, ...

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