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  1. Spring Assisted Surgery

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    Our son is 11 weeks old and going in for surgery in a month on two fused sutures. Our neurosurgeon performs the surgery by using springs and no helmet therapy afterwards. Does anyone have any experience with this procedure? Has anyone heard of any outcomes?
    Thanks so much in advance! It is nice to have a website dedicated to this.
  2. New Mommy New Craziness

    So far being a mommy has been much of a whirlwind. I have spent the first 3 months in a ball of stress surrounding Gabe's diagnosis, Gabe's surgery, Gabe's recovery, and now Gabe's helmet therapy. To top it off my husband just started a new job so he is out training in California while I'm home in Pennsylvania feeling overwhelmed and tackling much of this on my own. After an afternoon of events that could only be seen on a television sitcom I decided that unless I can stop and laugh at the craziness ...
  3. My first entry! I'm moving soon!

    I see we've now gotten the option to keep a blog. I actually have another blog but I've been too busy to keep it up but maybe this will keep me motivated?
    So, I guess I'll make this first entry about our move. We moved to Austin, Texas about two years ago so my husband could have his dream job. He's an animator and makes video games for a living. Some of the games he has worked on are "Uncharted 2", "God of War 3" and "DC Universe Online".

    We previously ...

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