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  1. The beginning of the story

    by , 11-12-2015 at 08:31 AM (Father_X, a decade later...)
    Hello all,
    My story started more than a decade ago. This is how I first described the story back then, on the "4 months anniversary of her operation" (I will add the pictures again later. They have disappeared from the forum where I initially gave regular updates on Léahs story. You can go back and read them here. I will put all the pictures here in due course).

    (13/9/2005) :

    Yesterday, it was exactly 4 months since my daughter Léah was rolled into theater ...
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  2. developmental delay?

    My son had his surgery for metopic cranio when he was 8 months old and now he is 4 and showing signs of delay than his peers. Do you think it is because of carnio? Has any of you noticed any difference?
  3. Decisions...

    Hi everyone, I live in a small town in northern Arizona, and have been searching for a group and advice about metopic synotosis. My son has a mild-moderate metopic ridge, and so far we have done the wait-and-see approach for the past year, but it doesn't seem to be fading like we were optimistic about. It still does not, thankfully, seem to be impacting his brain development at this point. I'm just not sure if we should keep waiting or proceed with surgery- it's such an intense surgery! We have ...
  4. Unilateral (left) coronal synostoses

    Our 8 months old son "Virat" is diagnosed with Unilateral (left) coronal synostoses couple of months back.

    After a lot of research online and visiting many Neurosurgeons and Craniofacial surgeons, we found Dr. Jeffrey Fearon is the best doctor to treat my son. He uses best methods to treat craniosynostoses and his partners (neurosurgeons) are also best in their areas. His surgery success rates and percentage of re-surgery rate talks on behalf of him (Dr. Fearon).
  5. Lamnoid and chiari

    My son was diagnosed with Lammnoid and Chiara Malformation when he was 9 months. I had been searching for answers since 4 months. Once my husband and I found out what was wrong I found myself at this site hoping for comfort. I could not find a post regarding a child having lamnoid synostosis and found myself frustrated. My son is now 2 years old, 25 months to be exact and we could not be more pleased with the outcome of our son's surgery. I want to give comfort to all those parents going through ...

    Updated 09-24-2014 at 10:03 PM by KristalRose

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