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I week with a helmet after endo surgery for metopic cranio, toricollis stuff, blahbla

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It's been 2 weeks since his surgery and he's recovering great. Now that the swelling has gone down there is a deep ridge running down his forehead where the bone has been removed. I'm hoping this goes away?

Helmet therapy - blech. I hate his helmet but he's gotten quite used to it and rather quickly so I'm thankful for that. We're going in for an adjustment Thursday, it is loose, it pushes one of his ears foreward as well. Aside from that I think it is helping his severe torticollis because he can't sleep with his neck as twisted up as it was.

On that subject: His physical therapist suggested getting another opinion/scan of his spine to make sure the discs aren't mishappen causing his issues with head rotation and tilt. Ugh... another thing!!! I'm hoping his muscle is just tight and he's fighting her stretches because you'd think after all his CT Scans and spinal ultrasounds (sacral dimple) they'd have picked up on that.

I swear I'll post some pictures soon!! You can always look me up on Facebook (Lisa Winningham) and friend me for tons of pics of the baby.
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  1. evergreenmom's Avatar
    Hey Lisa-

    My son had tort as well as cranio. They did a CT Scan of his neck at the same time as they Dx'd his cranio. They didn't find any abnormalities in his neck fortunately. Unfortunately, he had a pretty bad case of tortocollis and he was in physical therapy for it twice a week for over a year and a half. Still at age five I see him tilting slightly when he is tired. Just wanted to let you know sometimes the tort can take a while... I hope your little ones is not as severe as Xander's and I hope the helmet therapy goes well...

    Keep us posted... we are here for you!
  2. geneve's Avatar
    If you get another opinion/scan, I hope it goes well. Sometimes it does just feel like one thing after another,but hopefully things will start to be smooth sailing soon for you and your little one.Good luck!