I'm so lost with all this information

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Hi my name is yahaira and I'm naylah mom my daughter is 3 months and was diagnosed with cranial frontal nalsia dysplacia we was told by plastics that she will need surgery at 8 months she has separation on her eyes but honestly I look at my baby and she looks normal to me I was cheking her abs it looks like she has a short neck also idk if is because she's a chunky baby or it has to do with the genetic syndrome I'm new at this I'm also a new mom she's my first baby and I love her to pieces but I have so many questions do all babies that have this genetic disorder look alike? I was looking at pictures in the Internet I'm just overwhelmed the last thing I want is god my baby to suffer with surgery I just don't no what to do
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    Welcome to CK Yahaira! You will likely get more responses in the Welcome Mat. It seems not many people read the Blogs. You have come to a great place for advice and support!