Open technique surgery for Sagittal Synostosis

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My husband and I must decide which surgery our son (8weeks) will have to correct his sagittal synostosis. We are sceptic of the endoscopic because he will wear a helmet for 10 months. However, we are nervous that the open technique will leave him with a horrible scar. We live in Denver, so he will receive amazing care at Children's Hospital Colorado. The surgeons we've met with are wonderful and have assured us that regardless of which surgery we select, our son will do great. We need your feedback. If you had the option for both surgeries, which one did you choose and why? Do you have photos of the open technique scar that you would share with us? We would like to see what the open scar looks like months to years later (what does the scar look like for a 4 year old to teenager?). The thought of my tiny baby having surgery terrifies me, so for now, I'm trying to think about his future for the next 10 months to 20 years. 10 months of a helmet or the possibility of a significant scar for the rest of his life? Any pictures or opinions are greatly appreciated and welcomed. Thank you for reading and any advice you have.
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  1. jj mama's Avatar
    When you say "open technique" are you referring to the open strip craniectomy? If so, our son had the open strip. The cut was from ear to ear in a zig-zag. As long as the incision doesn't get infected then there is little scarring. You can't see our son's scar and he has thin blonde hair - he is almost 2. Our son had surgery at 3 months of age and it was hard to think about him getting his head cut open, but three days after surgery he was off of pain meds and his whole head looked like it relaxed. It was a huge change. He also had helmet therapy for about 7 months after, which wasn't a big deal at all.
  2. scdillon's Avatar
    FYI... my son had the endoscopic surgery and helmet for several months. The helmet was not a problem at all. In fact, it was a Godsend when he start walking. He never had a problem wearing it, never fussed with it or anything. And loves helmets to this day!
  3. stvaughnn1's Avatar
    We also had the strip technique, with the zig-zag scar. it's not noticeable unless you are really looking for it. But our is more pronounced, due to the fact the strip procedure did not work and we had to have a second surgery a cranial vault reconstruction.
  4. Bluetree's Avatar
    I think endoscopic repair is the best option. After going through CVR (the scar is the least of your worries, honestly) and FOA, and coming out the otherside "under corrected"--I am sure this is not the best approach especially if you are in the ideal age window.