Made my mind up :)

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After 22 long months of researching, getting others opinions, praying, hoping, and wishing, looking for answers, thinking of every question I could possible ask, stressing, crying, lots of appointments, etc... I finally made my mind up! Today was the appointment for me to make a decision on if I wanted to correct my baby boys craniosynotosis, because his diagnosis is mild metopic the surgery would only be to correct his apperance.. After finally getting all the answers that I needed I have come to conclusion that my baby boy will not be undergoing surgery. What I lerarned, and I want to share with all of you is it is good to research, and ask every questions you could think of, make sure you have a strong support team behind you, also a prayer group. Remember knowledge is power! Today the neurosurgeon told me that my child's head size, and shape is at 80-97% of its adult growth, and with that being said his head will be about the same size as it is niw. Must I add my child is 1 & 1/2 years old he will be 2 in April. By the age of two his skull will be completely molded. So I put two & two together, and that's how I came to conclusion about putting him threw surgery. Now I'm about his ridge...its not for sure that it will be there forever, and when I look back at my childhood pictures I too also had that ridge, I can still feel it, but you can't see it now. So ill just wait until he gets older h, and its still there he can make the choice to get it shaved down on his own. See what a lot of people fail to realize is if seurgons get paid A LOT of money when they do surgery. Weather its serious or not they have a way of talking you into getting to surgery. Now this is my opinion, and I'm just being real. If you don't have to et surgery done just wait, and see, because you will always See this kind of operation in my boys case is a very big, and risky surgery. Especially just for MILD METOPIC CRANIOSYNOTOSIS. My sons head don't look bad at all you can't even tell he has it, but the ridge down the middle if his forehead you can kind of see. Me being his mother I can really tell because I know. Others don't realize it until I point it out. I think I made the right decision by nit getting it done, because it wouldn't be worth it to put him threw that for nothing serious. He is smart, his brain is fine, his eyes are fine, and he is very handsome. So im on the wait, and see list. My prayer team, and I have been praying on it, and asking God to give us peace, and I truly believe I am at peace. If you want to know somwe questions I asked feel free to ask me, and ill be glad to help you with any. Until any further delay God forebid! I am happy, my baby boys are happy, we're on the otherside, and I'll keep you guys posted. I will also add pictures when I get to a computer my cellphone won't let me upload. I hope this encouraged, a lot of mild metopic mommies reading, as well as others that is on the wait & see journey :)

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  1. Serro's Avatar
    I am glad you finally made your decision and at peace with it. I hope your boy's cranio will continue to be mild. I feel you on so many levels, my little man who is 7 months old now was diagnosed with mild/mild to moderate trigonocephaly just 2 months ago. We are currently at wait and see, in a month we should send new photos to the Dr. For him to check if his trigonocephaly has worsened or not and thus if surgery is needed. I research a lot too and pray my son continues to be mild, if he stays mild I too won't do the surgery for cosmetic reasons.
  2. Mindy's Avatar
    You have done a great job, momma, doing your research!! I've learned everything that you have posted when I went through this with my son. He formed a ridge at around 3 months of age (although I see it looking back at pics around 6 weeks). We did not opt for surgery and he is now 6 1/2 years old and doing GREAT! His ridge is less prominent and his head shape has remained only mildly affected. Thanks for posting your story for others who may be in the same situation.
  3. vaggelis's Avatar
    i am 19 years old and i see the ridge get bigger!i hope your child dont get the same thing... i have to inform you that i would do the surgery if there was 50%
    to die.