Unilateral (left) coronal synostoses

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Our 8 months old son "Virat" is diagnosed with Unilateral (left) coronal synostoses couple of months back.

After a lot of research online and visiting many Neurosurgeons and Craniofacial surgeons, we found Dr. Jeffrey Fearon is the best doctor to treat my son. He uses best methods to treat craniosynostoses and his partners (neurosurgeons) are also best in their areas. His surgery success rates and percentage of re-surgery rate talks on behalf of him (Dr. Fearon).

Only issue stopping us to get his surgery is - "Insurance", I am working on getting PPO Waiver for the surgery as Dr. Fearon is not in my network (BCBS Texas).

Hopefully I will get the pre-authorization for Virat's surgery soon and schedule his surgery date.

Any helpful comments in this regard are highly appreciated.

-Pradeep (Virat's Dad)

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  1. WendyAA's Avatar

    I have a Blog you can look at & please feel free to email me - It is quite detailed, if you want to go back to the beginning & read through - hope it helps you xxx
  2. virat's Avatar
    Our prayers will be with your daughter always. Everything will be alright.

    Quote Originally Posted by henyahanuna
    After researching many doctors-Dr Fearon was the one which was the most reputable and recognized doctor to treat this condition. We will be traveling from Israel to Texas in July or August of 2017 to have him perform surgery on our daughter.
  3. virat's Avatar
    Hi Nathan,

    Sorry to hear your son is diagnosed with coronal synostosis. You are at right place (right doctor).

    You can claim a PPO Waiver with your insurance, it (claim document) has to be very detailed and well expressed. Try your best to put in all required details.

    Some points to cover (index / heading / topics) in your document.

    1. When and how it got diagnosed?
    2. Which doctors you consulted immediately after diagnosed? Are they in network?
    3. What procedures they explained?
    4. What is the risk your kid may have if you go with other in network doctors?
    5. Why doctor Fearon?
    6. Compare other doctors procedures and number of surgeries they perform vs Dr. Fearon's expertise and number of surgeries he performed / performs now.
    7. How it is beneficial to Insurance company if you go with Dr. Fearon (No infection history, No re surgery history (2% re surgery), less hospital stay / expenses).
    8. Convince them it is a win - win situation for both insurance and you (your son).
    9. Document at least 10 - 15 pages of comparison, analysis etc.

    All the best. Our prayers are with your son always.


    Quote Originally Posted by Nathan
    Hi Pradeep,

    Hope your son(Virat) is doing well now. I am also in similar situation as you were. My son is diagnosed with Bicoronal synostosis. I had a check up with Dr. Jeffrey fearon last week and confirmed this. But, my insurance is Cigna and it is not covered for Dr Jeffrey Fearon. I would like to know how did you got the PPO Waiver for the surgery. Please help.