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Thread: Suggested hospital packing list

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    Default Suggested hospital packing list

    Items for child:

    1. Favorite blanket

    2. Favorite stuffed toy

    3. Toys that make noise/ can be played with w/o seeing

    4. A music device to play your child's favorite songs

    5. Formula and bottles if child is particular to one kind *

    6. Baby lotion

    7. Baby wipes and diapers if child has sensitive bottom*

    8. Sanitizer, Clorox Wipes

    9. Favorite pillow

    10. Books on tape

    11. Snacks (for older child) (If you are only parent there- you won’t have to wait for a nurse)

    12. Story books

    13. Comfy clothing- that can easily pull over head or has buttons

    14. Slippers to cover their feet (a lot of times they have a monitor on their toe- so a size bigger so the slipper can go over it)

    15. Sippy cup

    16. Leap pad, leapster, electronic games (for older patients)
    On baby

    17. Pacifiers

    18. Burb clothes (some babies spit up more w/ the meds)

    19. Bibs, nausea is common, and having bibs on hand can help to save an outfit.

    20. Babyfood. Choices may be limited at the hospital.

    21. Teething Cookies, whether they are teeting or not, they are light on the stomach and will give them something to do with there hands.

    22. Large tapogin or cap to place over their head. It may be cold out side and this would be needed. It can also help to avoid conflict if people decide they want to stare at your baby.

    23. If you are breastfeeding, be sure to check this list too!

    *The hospital usually provides these items- but only one type.

    If you have more items to add to this list, please send me a PM and I will add it ASAP. Thank you.
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    Default Items for parents

    1. Basic toiletries-hand and face cream, deodorant, shampoo,
    soap and towel, aspirin or Tylenol, tooth brush and paste

    2. Comfy clothes (a few sets- child can become nauseous)

    3. Sweater/Sweatshirt

    4. Socks and Slippers or comfy shoes

    5. Your own pillow for comfort

    6. Snacks

    7. Change for vending machine

    8. Extra money for parking, cafeteria

    9. Things to keep your hands/mind busy: Magazines, puzzle books,
    books, bible, hand held game, knitting, etc…

    10. Rosary

    11. A journal to write down thoughts

    12. Portable music device

    13. List of phone numbers to call (family, friends, cranio support,

    14. Small electric tea kettle for making tea/coffee in room

    15. Movies to watch

    16. A photo of your child to put at the bed- so medical staff can see
    what your child looks like w/o the swelling.

    18. Insurance cards, photo id

    19. Camera, extra batteries and film

    20. Lap top

    21. Chargers for electronic devices

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