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    Hello - we are new here and our son was just recently diagnosed with sagittal at 4 month appt. We are wondering if anyone has experience with doing endo at a later age? Does it depend on how severe the case is? Did you end up having to do a second surgery? Were you happy with results? What are the reasons it is better to do CVR at this point?

    We have heard two different opinions from docs - one says he is too late for endo and the other says he is still okay. At this point, it seems the medical community is all over the place and I'd like to hear some opinions from parents that have actually gone through this.


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    Hi, etnh44, welcome! Doctors vary on their opinions as to when it is OK for endo to be done, most I've talked to prefer to do it as early as possible, but I believe many will do it up to six months old. My son did not have the endo procedure, so I hope someone will chime is with how old their child was.
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    Hello! Our son was 5 months old when he had endo (2 weeks ago) at Boston children's with dr mark proctor. He is doing great so far :) sleeping after the surgery has been the only hard part. Otherwise he is happy, eating, playing like normal. He is in a helmet now until his first birthday and has taken to it fine.

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    I agree with Katie, each dr has their own opinion. I've heard of some dr that do endo up to 6 months old. You'll find a lot with cranio that the drs all have different opinions for different reasons and in the end they all produce similar results. My son did not have endo as he was too old, but hopefully someone else can chime in.

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    Hello! We're doing the endo with Dr. Magge at Children's in DC this Thursday and our son is 4.5 months old. As everyone said, it really depends on the doctor but from what I've read, the age limit for endo seems to be shifting upwards where many surgeons will perform the procedure up to 6 months of age. Our doctor said that when they're older they might not have as dramatic of results as when they are younger (because head growth slows down) but it really depends on each specific case on whether endo is a good option. For our son, his cranio is so mild (with little physical indications) that the doc said that we'd likely have good results.

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