My 3 month old son had Endo for Sagittal yesterday morning at CHOC in Orange County. Surgery took about 90 minutes from start to finish when we saw him again. For parents wanting to know what to expect day of and post op, I hope sharing my experience helps!

We arrived early, 730a for a 930a surgery time. We fed our son 4 hours before, the cut off time, to make sure he was strong for surgery (I highly recommend feeding him at cut off time, gives babies more energy post op from what I saw). Giving our son to the doctors was hard. Both the Neuro Surgeon Dr. Loudon and the Anesth doc Dr. Kim came in to meet our son and tell us what to expect at time of surgery. They explained that they would place our baby to sleep before they placed any IV's in. I had questions written down to ask and they both were very open to answering questions. From then on a nurse took our son and we went back to the lobby to wait!

The surgery lasted a little over 90 min and Dr. Loudon came out to tell our family that all went well. My wife and I went to see our son in recovery and IT WAS HARD. They come out so PALE, be ready. It is quite shocking. Seeing the headdress on and the IV's hurt. Our son was heavily medicated. From then on we were moved to the PICU.

After surgery, I say, is the hardest part. Surgery went by so fast, but seeing our son with a blood drain, IV's, in pain, etc. is so hard. Makes you wonder if you did the right thing, very painful. My wife and I stayed the night. The nurses were awesome and its a waiting game for you to wait to see if your baby responds well and comes out of the woods. His hemoglobin got low at night and they had to give him some blood (blood transfusion). Contrary to what you read, blood transfusions are very common after Endo, they just do not do them during the OP. We cried alot. A few times he was in pain and we had to give him morphine. He had alot of issues trying to pee! The meds really slow a babies system down, so they ended up having to do a straight catheter one time to get him to pee once, after that, he peed on his own a few hours later! Babies get so dehydrated and weak, its a waiting game to see them get strong. But as I have read on here, they are so resilient! Late at night he was able to drink his first bottle. He drank 3 ounces twice about 4 hours apart. Again, its so scary in PICU. Every baby responds differently and every time they check vitals you want to make sure you stay on top of the nurses and ask questions.That helped us alot to understand whats going on.

Luckily our little guy did great! other than the bit of blood he got, and the trouble peeing, he was great. his swelling is really good! its already the next day and he has a tiny bit of swelling on one eye, and thats because he slept on that side. both eyes are wide open! we feel so much better. Seeing the baby back to his old self, its a blessing. they do really come back so fast, they are so resilient!

so parents out there, the surgery is a rollercoaster, but it happens so fast. 24 hours later our little boy is back to smiling, and looks like we will be discharged tomm. Be strong, and its over before you know it!