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    Hi! My son had CRV at 5 months old. He is now 5 and his new neurosurgeon say he needs a bone graft for a soft spot that never closed up. Anyone have experience with this? What can we expect?

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    My son just did this surgery this week, except our plastic surgeon filled in his holes with "bone cement." I don't know what the graft entails, but it seems more complicated to me. Maybe ask about the cement as an option?
    For me, this surgery wasn't as stressful after the first one. However, since your child is more aware, you'll need to prep your child mentally and emotionally before hand. Personally, we tried to be really positive with our son and focused on how he had already been through this and did great.
    I don't know if you have any other kids, but for us, sibling interactions have been the hardest thing to deal with post op. He's supposed to take it easy for at least two weeks. He thinks he feels good enough to play with his brothers, but they play rough and it would be too easy to knock his head. It's been sad. His grandparents have been taking his brothers on outings (to keep him safe from them), and he gets upset about it not being fair, and it's not, but it's to keep him safe. I'm also leery of him going out whether due to risk of infection or risk of crowds bumping into his head. We took him to a museum tonight, and I felt so paranoid. I was about ready to body check anyone, adult or child, that got too close to him. It has been isolating for him, so yeah, it's pretty sad.
    If you have the choice, I'd go for a summer surgery. I would be terrified to send my son to school while recovering. The down side is no swimming until the incision is healed. If you have any specific questions, let me know and I'll answer what I can.

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