Hi all, I'm Lynsey's she currently pregnant with my second child. Incidentally the maternal fetal specialist found that my daughter skull was "lemon" or "strawberry" shaped. He mentioned craniosynotosis and that all other part of her body wear within normal limits. He mentioned it was bilateral temple area of her skull. On my 20 week ultrasound all was normal but this is now showing at my 30 week ultrasound. We are going to repeat it in 4 weeks to double a second look but was wondering what to expect. I'm nervous and scared and freaking out and need to just breathe but maybe advice from experienced parents will help. I'm from the Chicago area and I'm already searching for the best surgeons just in case. I want honesty and to be prepared. I know if this is the case, it will be a long road but I just need to vent. Thanks so much for listening.