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Thread: Suggested questions for your child's surgeons

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    Default Suggested questions for your child's surgeons

    Here are some of the questions that may help you when you first meet your child's neurosurgeon or craniofacial surgeon:

    What type of Craniosynostosis does my child have?

    Would you consider it mild, moderate or severe?

    Can you describe the type of procedure you are recommending? How long is the hospital stay and overall recovery period?

    How much experience do you have with this type of surgery?

    When would you recommend my child have the surgery and why? (What is the preferred age at the time of surgery?)

    What are the possible risks/complications if we choose not to have the surgery?

    What are the possible risks/complications of the surgery?

    Is it likely my child would need a blood transfusion during surgery? (If so, you can ask if it's possible to do a direct donation if you'd like. That is where a family member donates after being matched specifically to be used for the child's surgery).

    What type of preoperative testing will be needed?

    Does craniosynostosis have any long term side effects (with or without surgery)?

    Do you work with a Plastic/Craniofacial surgeon? When will I meet him or her? (If the answer was no to the first question, you may want to ask why)

    Will my child wear a helmet after surgery?

    Do we need to see any other specialists, such as a geneticist, ophthalmologist, or ENT?

    What number can I call if I leave your office now and have more questions?

    If you have additional questions that you would like to add to this list, PLEASE send me a personal message and I will get them added ASAP. Thank you!
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    Default Questions upon discharge

    These questions were put together to help you when you are getting ready to leave the hospital. (The hospital staff will most likely go over most of this with you- but just incase!)

    When do we need to come see you again? How often will we continue to see you?

    What prescription medication does my child need? How often?

    What number do I call if I have questions?

    Do I need to change my child’s sleeping arrangements? (Add pillow? Tilt mattress?)

    How do I care for the incision? When can I wash my child’s hair?

    Can I pull clothes over my child’s head? If not, how long should I wait?

    If you have any questions that would be helpful to this list, PLEASE send me a personal message and I will add them ASAP. Thank you.
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